Saturday, 18 February 2012

A shooting star

A friend of mine said her grandson, aged 6, absolutley adores my children's picture book featuring the unicorn called Crystal. He wont go to sleep without his mother reading it to him. To hear that feels like I've succeded already! A shooting star transformed into a wish come true :)

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Ordinary People

When ordinary people without overt disabilities fail to understand and treasure differences then they are the one afflicted with a true disability. When my sister and me were in a class we were interested in learning, wanted to achieve, and knew some nuance about something scientific as I was able to answer some question (I don’t even remember the question). In combination with not wearing fashion clothes and being a twin (sitting in the same class), several university teachers labelled us as having Aspergers syndrome. They had come to the wrong conclusion, regardless, even if they had been correct it would have been nicer if they slowed down on the labelling and had enough wits to understand that normality is in difference. They tried very hard to crush us emotionally and academically however we are blooming - blessed with good family and a PhD graduation just around the corner. Difference is what makes people truly unique and special. We are all special and have personal strength and abilities just waiting to be found. I hope you feel special and comfortable just being you.