Monday, 5 December 2011

The Ring wants to be found

It was a fine sunny day with a few clouds floating about the blue sky. My partner and I had gone for a walk in a nature reserve for an outing that day. We were both getting hungry and I couldn’t understand why we kept on walking. My legs were starting to ache and we were getting a bit tired! Finally we reached a lookout overlooking a steep decline into the ravines below. There I was given a very special ring. “What is this... cut glass?” I mused. It was a sparkling crystalline diamond of course. It was so very beautiful so we decided maybe I should take it off. It would be so awful to get it scratched or damaged on passing a large bolder or gnarled tree trunk. Carefully I pulled it off (it was a close fit) but the smooth ring accidentally slipped out of my fingers and dropped onto the deck. Bounce, Bounce, Bounce the ring neared the ledge and Plop, over the edge! I bounded to the railings and saw it bouncing three more times before finally settling at the base of a tree (partner’s heart must have been sinking pretty low by now...a small fortune gone in the blink of an eyelid). I made a mental note of where it landed and scrabbling down the steep incline, retrieved the ring and put it in a safe place – I think I might leave it on next time!

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