Tuesday, 29 November 2011

A life well-lived

Tim, one of my supervisors, passed away today. I had been meaning to give him a pen I had collected from my last conference for some time now... He was a true old-fashioned gentleman and I am going to really miss him around. Hardly ever did he speak critically of others (he did make a little joke once!) or curse when things got tricky. He did call a sheep that had kicked him a bitch once, and it was so funny to hear him say that I just had to laugh. Especially because he was such a calm person and also an exceptionally good animal handler and vet. Tim had a great attitude to work, social and family life. He travelled a fair bit with family/friends and saw the Great Wall of China, the Terra Cotta Soldiers and so many other fascinating sights and places. He made the most of his life. Tim was also a great teacher and I am most honoured to have had him as my supervisor. I will always remember his great sense of humour and tempered manner with much fondness. Tim – one of a few.

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